Soul Journey meets Marketing – the secret magic of attracting clients


Soul Journey and Marketing, how do the two go together? Well, let’s start with the younger one of those two. 


Marketing. Good marketing is something very magical indeed. It attracts people and clients, yet is not visible or recognizable as an attractor. It tells a story, connects with the right target group, scales the sales and is widely spread through all business activities, yet often does not have a measurable output. Where and how is this marketing magic established? 


People sense authenticity, on the internet as well as in person. When their truth compass senses a yes and the story of a product or service aligns with their emotions, the potential customer can identify with it and get’s interested. 


The soul journey on the other side is the magical path of an individual identifying with her/his human vision and mission in life. Along the path, he/she eventually comes across his/her value and worth and finds answers for his/her challenges. Through those products, services and valuable advice for others are developed. This is how every business is founded in the beginning. We are all here together on our missions. Our paths are unique ways to develop the skills best matching for our purpose. And creativity births solutions - personally or businesswise. 


So, with Soul Journey meets Marketing the real magic unfolds. Giving the reader an authentic story from the beginning of the individual human story until the finish of the business solution creates a lot of space to identify, rely on it and build the first moment of customer relation. When Soul Journey meets Marketing all you need is a refreshing way to turn your business pitch in a storytelling truth. 


On my spiritual journey in life, I developed very early the sense of sensing and speaking the truth of a situation with clarity. From early childhood, my visions and dreams accompanied me in daily life. When my career took me in the direction of marketing, I understood, that this ability to see the outcome of different circumstances is a very helpful tool for others. Together with my creativity and wording skills I now bring clarity to the direction of the business of my clients and together help them to find just the right marketing language expressing the magic words their customers want to hear. 


If you would like to add some magic to your business’s story, logo design or marketing texts, you can contact me at


Silvana Maria




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