Mediation Services for International Customers

To be prepared - Our suggested Process and Important Topics in Conflict Management:

  1. Clarifying the purpose
  2.  Contract between every party – including HR on your side. Ask for more!
  3.  Talking individual: The needs of every party. What needs were not being met?
  4. Different communication processes in the past
  5. Deciding the language of conflict management for the whole process: We suggest the reallyTALK 5 Step Method!
  6. Compassion in interaction: Who wanted to dominate in the past? Are there any good reasons to negotiate this new?
  7. Judgements in the past and the reasons behind
  8. Domination structures inside the company / the conflict parties
  9. Talking about enemy (opposite) images. Are there any reasons to continue?
  10. At which timepoint the common connection were lost? When we got off target in working together? What happened to every party in their own sight?
  11. Playing the game „Who’s right“ vs. Coming to a Solution. Why connecting to the others well-being?
  12. Development of effective working strategies in working together
  13. Summarizing the result. Written down consequences of each party. Report by reallyTALK and presenting to Management if necessary.

We do Coaching, Mediation and Keynotes for your internal events in English as well as in German. Please ask for a special individual offer and you get your quote as soon as possible!